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World Renowned Consulting Group provides business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with the education, financing, and resources they need to become a dominant force in the marketplace. 

Our model eliminates common barriers that prevent you from becoming financially independent.  Whether you are knee-deep in debt, don’t have the money to purchase your first investment property, or can’t seem to find investors for your business, we can provide you with the financial assistance you need to achieve your dreams at no upfront cost to you if qualified. 

Establishing a strong credit line is critical in business and is considered a significant factor for lenders when they decide who will receive a loan.

No credit?  Don’t worry. 


Our specialists will guide you through the process of establishing a line of personal and business credit that will position you to receive the financing you need to start your business or make an investment.  Learn more




+ Business Funding

Do you have delinquent accounts or negative marks on your credit report that are preventing you from moving forward in your business or personal life? 

You don’t have to remain stuck.  Our company offers a comprehensive program that will show you how to increase your credit score and limit.  Learn More 

Did you know that 82% of companies fail because they have cash flow problems?  You don’t have to be a statistic. 


There is business funding available for you, and our team wants to make sure you have the financial backing you need to succeed.  Looking for startup funding? We will also show you how to find investors to make your business idea a reality.  

Not an LLC or Corporation?  You can receive personal financing too.  Learn More

Financial independence doesn’t just happen; it is planned.  Our experts are here to guide you through the practical steps that you can take to reach your financial goals. 


We offer investment advice, business planning, and personalized credit strategies to meet your needs. 

Is your bankruptcy history preventing you from getting approved for funding?  We can help you start over by showing you how to remove it from your credit file legally.  Learn More


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About Us

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World-Renowned Consulting Group is a Credit Consulting Company formed to educate and assist everyday people like you, with any Business or Personal Credit issue that you may be facing.


We help you remove ANY negative information from your credit file, build your report by adding solid seasoned tradelines, and make sure you GET FUNDED with little to no upfront cost!


Our extensive KNOWLEDGE and expertise on CREDIT & FUNDING, coupled with our UNIQUE process, enables you to start a new business or grow and expand an existing one.


Our specialists will educate you on the IMPORTANCE of having and building excellent CREDIT while assisting you in obtaining or maintaining it.


We also encourage and educate you on how to STRATEGICALLY use credit to obtain income-producing assets, whether it may be a small business franchise or VALUABLE real estate.  Creating WEALTH is the name of the GAME.

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